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iCanclave STE-B8C (Class B) Steam Sterilizer


iCanclave STE-B8C (Class B) Steam Sterilizer

Class B table top autoclave with 8 liters chamber volume Completely automatic, microprocessor controlled electronic autoclave, according to European standard EN13060. Vacuum autoclave, triple fractionated pre and post vacuum working method with precisely pressure and temperature controlling, prefect sterilization and drying result. Compact size with light weight, easy to move, only need very small space, which is very popular for the small shops or clinics for tattoo, body piercing, nail caring, foot caring, and so on.

2.Excellent performance : 
. Full automatic table top autoclaves with pre-programmed sterilization cycles. 
. According to EN 13060 European standard.
. Works according to triple fractionated pre & post vacuum method with a effective vacuum pump.
. Stainless steel chamber and door, with electro-polish finish. 
. High precision control system for prefect sterilization results. 
. Built-in independent steam generator, provides readily available steam for faster cycles. 
. Friendly user-interface which can be operated very easily by the user. 
. LCD screen, displays contiuons information about cycle process. 
. Open-type water tank, which is very easy for water filling and cleaning. 

3.Safty and Mornitoring : 
. A cycle will not start unless the door is properly locked. 
. An automated double locking safety device prevents the door from opening while the chamber is pressurized (option ) 
. Pressure safety valves prevent over pressurization in chamber and generator 
. A safety thermostat prevents over heating in the chamber and generator 
. An automatic safety shut-off preveunt 
. An electricity-leaking protector will cut the power automatic if somewhere has short circuit or the power supplier is not very stable. 
. Fail alarm indicates cycle failure and detail error code, Door alram indicates the door unlocked, Water leave alarm indicates when water tank are empty or too full. 

. External Printer printes detailed cycle program information. (option) 
. USB port & USB stick: all cycle program information are automatically written in the USB stick and can be read directly in any PC. 
. Internal memory: the last 20 cycles information can be automatically stored in the autoclave system, which can be printed out at any time.


Products specifications
Sterilizer Type Automatic Sterilizer
Sterilizer Door Size 6 inches
Sterilizer Chamber Depth 12 inches
Sterilizer Dimension 15" x 14" x 22" (370mm x 345mm x 565mm)
Sterilizer Chamber Volume 2 Gal / 7.5 L
Vacuum Pump Yes
Sterilizer Power Voltage 120V Single Phase
Sterilzier Power Current 15A
Dry Mode Yes
Loading Methods Front Load
Sterilizer High Temperature 275F (134C)
Printer Option
Color Beige
Type of Heating Element External Steam Generator
Type of Door Hinge Door
Laboratory Customer Yes
Industry Customer Yes
Government Customer Yes
CE Certificate Yes
Warranty Parts and Labor 1 year

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